Officially Hotwife :)

Had our first hotwife experience while on vacation far from our hometown this weekend :) In short; we where at a nightclub where we sat at the bar with our drinks… wifey went to the restrooms and got hit on by a black guy. She didn’t do anything but told me about it. I got turned on and encouraged her to go back to him on the dancefloor. After admitting it was a turnon for her too, as it was for me, wifey went back to the dancefloor :) The place was packed so I couldnt see anything. She came back to the bar 10minutes later and told me that they had chatted, flirted very lightly, the guy had tried his lame pickup lines on her and he even stroked my wife while talking to her:) She told me she just stopped before she led him to think that something might happen. She didn’t want to be a tease:) I was so hard just waiting for her by the bar and imagining all different kinds of hot scenarios… but to hear her tell about it, even made me harder:) Needless to say we went back to our hotel imediatly and fucked:) Wifey even got fucked by our big black dildo… so that her pussy was nice and wide for me afterwards :))))

Love this experience and LOVE my hotwife… because now she is officially a HOTWIFE :)))

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